Ingredient swaps

Sometimes a member wants to make minor adjustments to the ingredient list of one of your recipes, they can do this by modifying the ingredient list you create, and have those changes reflected anytime they pull up that recipe.

Enabling ingredient swaps

As the admin of your app, you are able to completely disable this feature if you desire. If you previously had this enabled, members who modified your recipe will forever see their list and will not be able to reset of modify it further.

This feature is enabled by default.

App station >> Settings >> Recipes

Once enabled, there is nothing else for you to do as an admin.

Member ingredient modifications

With ingredient swaps enabled, members can now add or delete ingredients from your recipes.

Freemium members are not allowed to modify ingredients...another incentive to upgrade.

Modification link
Ingredient modification options

Modification options

  • Trash can - remove this ingredient from the recipe. Upon doing so, the ingredient will be scratched out of the ingredient list modifications. Once saved, the ingredient will no longer show in the recipe ingredients.
  • Undo icon - If a default ingredient has been deleted, that decision can be undone by the member at anytime, and the original ingredient will be restored.
  • + Add ingredient - Displays a popup for the member to select an ingredient.
  • Reset - The reset button will completely remove any modifications the member has made and return to the original set of ingredients.

Once it is added, it will appear in the list. Below you can see Almond milk was removed and replaced with Soymilk.

Once the member Saves all the changes, the recipe is updated. You can see that Almond milk no longer appears.

If the member chooses to modify the ingredients again, they can continue editing where they left off.

Ingredient swaps are only seen by the member that made them. Admin's and other members cannot see these.

Nutrition updates

  • For apps that use the ingredient pre-fill selector, this will be used by members as well. As such, the nutrition of the recipe will be updated using their selections.
  • For apps that do not use the ingredient pre-fills (typically non-English sites) and for any custom ingredients, nutrition cannot be calculated and as such, will no longer be displayed on a modified recipe.

Shopping list

Ingredient modifications will automatically flow through to the shopping list of a meal plan.

PDF exports

Modified ingredients will be displayed on any pdf's created for that recipe, or meal plans that include the modified recipe.

Recipe search

Members searching for recipes will be able to search by the ingredients they have added, along with the original recipe ingredients.

Inline ingredients

If you as the planner have used inline ingredients and a member deletes that ingredient, the ingredient will remain inline, but will be shown with a strike through font.

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