Recipe labels

Recipe labels are used to highlight the unique properties of a recipe, calling them out to users when the recipe card is displayed. It is recommend that you use abbreviations for labels if you plan to have several labels, as the space allocated to their display is very narrow on small mobile recipe cards.

Tags vs labels

Recipe labels are an extension of recipe tags

  • Tags and labels are used with users search and filter for recipes
  • Tags and labels can be used to create custom recipe categories
  • Tags are NOT displayed on the actual recipe cards
  • Labels ARE displayed on the actual recipe cards

Managing labels

App station > Settings > Recipes then scroll to the Recipe labels section

You can also add new labels when creating or editing a recipe

  • Creating a label is easy, simply click Add label and enter the text of your label.
  • You can also edit the label text, which will flow through to any recipes already using the label
  • The trash can deletes the label and removes it from any recipes

If you create a label that is exactly the same as an existing TAG, the tag will be converted to a label automatically, and any recipes using that tag will now have a LABEL.

Adding labels to recipes

When you create or edit a recipe, you can apply the labels you'd like to display.

Select label
Label added
Label displayed on list
Label on recipe

Re-ordering labels

When editing a recipe, you can re-order the labels by clicking and dragging them. This will be the order in which they are displayed.

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