Component recipes

Component recipes allow you to include one recipe within another. For example, you might want to include a link to a Pesto recipe inside your Lemon pesto penne recipe.


  • All recipes may be used as component recipes, there is no difference between them.
  • Meal plan - If a recipe which has component recipes, is included on a meal plan...
    • The component recipe pages will be included when the meal plan is exported to a PDF.
    • The component recipes' ingredients will be included on the shopping list inside the app, and when the meal plan is exported to PDF. The ingredients will be for a single preparation of the component recipe, even if the component recipe is included on several parent recipes.
    • If the serving size of the parent recipe is modified, its component recipes remain unchanged.
    • The component recipes' prep aheads will be included
    • If a parent recipe is added to a meal plan twice
      • Its component recipe ingredients will be doubled
      • Its component recipe prep aheads remain for a single prep of the recipe
  • Nutritional values do not roll-up from a component recipe into its parent.
  • When exporting a recipe to PDF, any component recipes will also be included.

Adding component recipes

Kitchen prep > Select recipe > Edit

While creating or editing a recipe, you can select as many component recipes as you'd like. Simple Add component recipe and search by recipe title and select. Make sure to save the parent recipe.

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