Recipe search

Searching for recipes is both simple, and powerful, allowing users to find recipes by searching the recipe title, the ingredients of the recipe, and any tags or labels assigned to the recipe.

Searches inside

  • Recipe title
  • Ingredient name
  • Tags
  • Labels

Partial match

When searching, the app searches for partials matches, so "apple" returns matches with "apple" and "apples" and "applesauce" and "apple sauce".


Phrases such as "onion powder" can be used, as well as single word search terms.

Match all

When multiple search terms are added, and the “Match all” option is selected, recipes are displayed if ALL tag search terms are present AND all other search terms are present on EITHER the list of ingredients OR the recipe title.

Search element

Searching on the recipes page is done via a single search input, which allows for multiple search criteria that always considers recipe title, ingredients, tags, and labels. When more than one search term is added, an additional option of "Match all" is presented to users with modifies the search to include only recipes that match ALL the criteria rather than SOME of the criteria which is the default.

On desktop computers, the search element is always visible, while on mobile, a search icon gives users the option to search.

Desktop search


When a user clicks/taps in the search input, the list of available tags and labels is present so the user can immediately select or they can type text to auto complete their selection.

However users are not limited to the tags and labels you provide, they may search for any term they desire by simple typing the word/phrase and hitting Enter to execute the search. This will display any recipes that have the search term in its title, list of ingredients, OR tags and labels.

Multiple search terms

Users are not limited to a single search term, they may add as many terms as they'd like to help them find the best recipe. By default the search will return any items that match SOME of the search terms. In other words, it searches for recipes with search term 1 OR search term 2.

And when there are multiple search terms, the user is given the option to "Match all" which modifies the search to include recipes that include ALL of the search terms.

Default search
Match all

Searching within a category

When recipe categories are enabled, user can search within a category so will return recipes that match the search criteria AND are found inside the chosen category.

Clearing the search

By tapping/clicking the close icon, the search is cleared and the default view is displayed

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