You can choose the language of your app when creating your account. Currently, we support English, Dutch, Afrikaans, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish. This article explains how translations work and how to request a new language.

How it works

  • You can have one language per app. If you want two languages, then you must create two apps.
  • The interface that your users see is translated by us. 
  • The welcome email and forgot password emails that your users see are also translated.
  • Any admin settings that only you see will remain in English.
  • Any content that you add (e.g. recipes, meal plans) is not translated by us.
  • For non-English languages, recipe nutrition is edited for the recipe as a whole (see image below).

Change your app language

You choose your app language when you are creating your app. If you have already created your app and want to change the language, then please contact us.

Request a new language

If the language you want is not listed, then please contact us to submit a request.

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