Import recipes from WPRM

If you use WP Recipe Maker (WPRM) as your WordPress recipe plugin, then you can bulk import your recipe catalog in just a few clicks.

What is included?

For each recipe we will import the following information where it is included.

  • Title
  • Image
  • Servings
  • Total time
  • Tags: Course, Cuisine
  • Ingredients: name, amount, unit of measure, prep notes
  • Instructions (text only)
  • Video embed link
  • Notes (text only)
  • Nutrition

Step 1: Export recipes from WPRM

Follow WPRM's instructions to export your recipes.

Step 2: Import your recipes

Send the file link generated by WPRM along with your Member Kitchens domain (e.g. to We will review it and import your recipes.

Step 3: Review and publish your recipes

Your recipes will be added to the Unpublished tab in your recipes page. You can go through each one, check the details, and publish it.


Ingredients: we try to match ingredient quantities, units of measure, and shopping list aisles. If we are unable to find a match, then you will see a warning and must add the information publishing the recipe.

Recipe notes: currently, we only import the text from your recipe notes in order to display this neatly in your recipe pages. Things like clickable links will not be imported.

Nutrition: for recipes imported from WPRM, recipe nutrition is edited for the recipe as a whole (see below).

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