Freemium model

Freemium allows people to use your app with limited functionality and content without a subscription (like a free opt-in on your website). You can choose which content is unlocked and which requires a subscription.

Free users can then upgrade to a Premium membership using your Sales page.

What can free users do?

  • Create an account
  • Access free recipes and meal plans
  • Edit free meal plans

What can premium subscribers do?

  • Access all recipes
  • Access all meal plans
  • Create their own meal plans

How to enable freemium in your mobile app

To enable freemium, please contact us and we'll make sure everything is prepared for this feature.

Do I pay for free user?

Nope! The goal of offering freemium is to advance users to a premium subscription so you can increase revenue.

It is a violation of the Acceptable use policy to use the Freemium functionality to avoid the Active user subscriber fees. Accounts will be immediately terminated and deleted if found to be abusing this.

How to make content free

By default, all of your content is set to paid. To allow people to access content without a subscription, go to a recipe or meal plan and set Requires subscription to off, and save. Like this example:

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