Set up products and prices

Products and prices allow you to charge your users a recurring fee to have access to your content. There are two ways sell subscriptions and manage user's access with Member Kitchens:

  • Fully integrated within Member Kitchens (via your Stripe account)
  • Use a third-party tool

Member Kitchens subscriptions (Stripe)

To sell subscriptions, you must connect a Stripe account to your Member Kitchens account.

App station >> Members >> Pricing

You can use an existing Stripe account, or create a new one.

Once your Stripe account is setup, you should proceed to your Stripe dashboard and toggle On, the option to Limit customers to 1 subscription.

Select the "Your website" option and include the url to your Member Kitchens dashboard (https://your-app-domain/dashboard.

You can redirect to any web site you feel is appropriate

Products vs Prices

Products and prices are used together, but each has their own functionality and meaning.

  • Product is a collection of features and content that may be sold
  • Price is a particular price for a product

For example you may have Silver and Gold products, where Silver members have access to a limited set of recipes, while Gold has full access. Each of those products might have a monthly and annual price, so a user can purchase the Silver product on a monthly basis, or the Silver product for a year, each with its own price.

Video demonstration setting up Silver and Gold plans

Setting up products

You can create any number of products, however generally speaking 1 or 2 is sufficient.

App station >> Members >> Pricing

Provide a name (shorter always is better here) and click to Create product. You will now have a product listed which can be further configured to meet your needs, however the default settings are recommended. You can:

  • Rename the product
  • Add a description of what users receive with this product
  • Mark this product private. Private products will not be seen by the general public, and are used for special pricing you wish to manually grant
  • Archive the product, which removes the ability for NEW users to subscribe, but retains any existing subscriptions to the product.
  • Limit content upgrade prompts. By default when a user is not authorized for a recipe, meal plan, etc., they are shown the Unauthorized view which allows them to upgrade to access. Enabling this option, hides the unauthorized content altogether so the user is not aware it exists.
  • If prices have not yet been created, you will also be able to delete the product, however once a price is created, you can only archive it.

Setting up prices

Prices are attached to products. Products can have as many prices as makes sense, but again typically there are just a couple.

Remember that Promo codes are used to reduce standard pricing...You do not need to create a new price in order to provide a discount.

Pricing is ALWAYS billed in advance. In other words, if a subscription starts on May 7, it is for service provided from May 7 thru June 7. There are a number of settings for each price:

  • Interval sets how often subscriptions to this price will renew. It can be as simple as 1 month for a standard monthly subscription, 1 year for an annual subscription, 6 months to be twice a year, and any other combination.
  • Your default currency will be selected, however this can be changed if you'd like to offer pricing in different currencies.
  • Price is the amount to be charge on each renewal (including the first billing which occurs immediately after any free trial is complete.
  • To give new users a free trial, simply provide the number of days for the trial. Users will have immediate access upon making a purchase, however they will not be billed until the free trial has expired.

Once prices are create, they cannot be deleted, so creating test prices is not advised. Under certain circumstances if you make a mistake, the price can be deleted via your Stripe dashboard. You can always archive a price, thus disabling its use.

Your new price is now listed with a summary:

Buy links

Each price has an associate buy link, which may be copied and posted externally — social media, your marketing web site, anywhere. These buy links do not give users the option to select a different price, but rather give them direct access to only this price. This is how you can share a private price plan with only the people you choose.

Click Copy buy link to have a url placed into your device clipboard, allowing you to paste elsewhere.

Edit price

The initial price created for any product is the default price, meaning it will be selected by default when displayed, however you can make any price the default by editing it. You can also archive a price, meaning new subscriptions will not be allowed, while retaining current subscriptions.

Automatic promo code

Promo codes are typically used by providing potential customers will an alphanumeric code which they can enter when making a purchase to alter their pricing. However you can also attach an existing Promo code directly to the price which will apply to EVERYBODY without them needing to know the code. This would typically be used to offer a seasonal special where all new users will be getting the benefits of the promo code.

When a website visitor initiates a purchase, they will be taken through the Stripe checkout flow (you can add your branding in Stripe). These pages are translated based on the settings of the users browser. Once the purchase is complete, they will create a password and have immediate access to your content.

Use a third-party tool

If you have an existing membership or payments platform (e.g. Kajabi, Shopify, MemberPress) and want to keep using it, then you can simply connect that using our Zapier integration.

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