Create a sales page

With Member Kitchens, you can create a simple sales page to market your app and allow people sign-up. Alternatively, you can create a sales page on your own website or landing page builder.

Create app images

If you need help creating app mock ups to use on your sales page, then check out this guide.

Create your sales page

To create a sales page, go to Sales page in the admin dashboard. From here, you can add text and images into the page sections, then publish it when ready. The page sections are explained below.

Hero section

This is the first thing people see when they visit your sales page.

Whats included?

You can include up to three sections to show people what they get when they sign up.

About (optional)

Add a bit more information about you.

Frequently asked questions (optional)

You can add common questions to help overcome people's concerns and reduce customer support. See our example page for some common questions.


This section is automatically generated from your recipe catalogue.

Sign up

You can choose whether people sign up using web subscriptions (Stripe) or your mobile app (if you have one). This will determine which buttons are shown on your sales page.

Option 1: show web plans (Stripe).

Option 2: show Apple and Google Play links.


Add links to your privacy policy and terms of use to appear in the page footer.

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