Zapier User updated trigger

The Member Kitchens Zapier integration can be used to take action based on the member subscription status. User updated is the trigger to be used as it occurs anytime a change to the member subscription status changes.

Following the User updated trigger, use a Zapier "Path" to take different actions based on the subscription status.

Here are the possible values for subscription status:

  • Leaving - member is currently active but is set to cancel at the end of the current period
  • Incomplete - you shouldn't ever see this one, but would happen if a purchase had problems
  • In trial - member is currently in a free trial
  • Active - member is active
  • On hold - payment issue
  • Former - member had a subscription previously, but now does not
  • Never - member does not have a subscription and never did

For example, this Path provides a path for cancellations ("Former") and cancelling at end of their current subscription ("Leaving").

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