Promo codes

Promo codes allow you to provide some (or all) new customers with more favorable pricing. For example, perhaps you want a few family members to receive a discount to your app. You can create a FAMILY code, which will reduce the price when they signup.

Creating a promo code

You may create as many promo codes as you'd like and they have the following basic options:

  • Code is the alphanumeric value customers will be sent, and will be entered at time of redemption
  • Discount percentage will reduce their pricing fee by the percentage provided.
  • Discount amount will reduce their pricing by a fixed amount
  • Your default currency may be changed if needed
  • The discount recurrence sets how many times this discount will be applied to their subscription.
    • Forever indicates they will always receive this discount
    • Once indicates the discount is only for the first payment
    • Multiple months allows you to set how many months the discount will be applied


A summary of each promo code is provided in your list, including when it will expire, how many people have redeemed the code, etc. If it is no longer valid (max redemptions reached, or redeem by has passed) it will be marked inactive. You can also manually mark a promo code inactive.

Additional options

There are a few optional settings that you may also choose to configure for each promo code:

  • Max redemptions allows you to set that this promo code may only be used a limited number of times. This is often used for a "The fist 20 people to redeem this code" scenario to incentivize quick action.
  • Redeem by allows you to set an expiration date for the promotion. After the expiration date, the code will no longer be accepted for new signups. This does not alter the discount recurrence noted above.
  • You can also create a promo code that is only allowed to be redeemed on particular products. You simply select the products from your existing list.

User redemption

Users can click/tap on Add promotion code when making their purchase, and then apply that code.

Automatic promo code

App station >> Members >> Pricing

Promo codes are typically used by providing potential customers will an alphanumeric code which they can enter when making a purchase to alter their pricing. However you can also attach an existing Promo code directly to the price which will apply to EVERYBODY without them needing to know the code. This would typically be used to offer a seasonal special where all new users will be getting the benefits of the promo code.

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