Add recipes

Member Kitchens allows you to create your own searchable recipe catalog. There are three ways to add your recipes as discussed below.

Create a recipe

Kitchen prep > Create new > Recipe

Properties of a recipe

  • Title - Name of the recipe.
  • Tags - Used by members to filter recipe lists as well as for admins to generate custom recipe categories.
  • Time - Number of minutes to prepare this recipe.
  • Servings - Number of servings this recipe produces. Can optionally be listed as "Cakes" or "Loaves" instead of the standard "Servings".
  • Serving size - The portion size of the servings.
  • Access level - Available when Freemium has been enabled. Toggle on to require a subscription to view this recipe. Toggle off to allow all users to view this recipe.
  • Ingredients - List of all ingredients. Optionally includes a product link, directing users where to purchase this ingredient.
  • Prep ahead steps - List of preparation steps that can be done in advance of recipe preparation. Ingredients may be included by typing "@" and selecting the ingredient. The ingredient quantities will be scaled automatically during serving size modifications.
  • Step-by-step instructions - List of steps to prepare the recipe.
  • Preparation video link - URL of an external video demonstrating the preparation of the recipe.
  • Notes - Additional notes for any additional information about this recipe.
  • Recipe image - Image of recipe. See recommended image sizes here.
  • Recipe video - Video related to this recipe.

Add your recipe content and save.

Import a recipe from website

To import a recipe from a website, go to Recipes > Add recipe. Then select Import from URL. Enter the link (including https://) for the recipe and submit. If the URL is valid, we will try to retrieve the details.

The recipe edit page will then be displayed with the recipe details pre-populated. Check the recipe and ingredient details in case anything is missing or incorrect, and save.

Bulk import recipes from WP Recipe Maker

If you use WP Recipe Maker then you can bulk import your recipes. Learn more here.

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